Tall Buildings Are Not Often Beloved

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Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto

The City of Toronto for the last 10 years has had a contest, called the Pug Awards, that sought the public’s opinions on the buildings constructed over the previous year. Modernist buildings generate a mixed reception amongst citizens. Some of the buildings they love the least were controversial when they were being built, while others just have not worn well.

This week The Buffalo News speculated on the most unloved tall buildings in their city. One area they feature is the entire University at Buffalo North Campus. Apparently its students have for years complained about the uninspiring complex of modernist, brown brick buildings that sits in the heart of this campus. Similar things may well go through the heads of students at our own York University campus, many of whom find it a barren windy waste in the ‘Far North’ of Toronto. At this time of year it can tend to resemble Inuvik but with a few trees so without the Arctic location excuse.

York U entrance

The Buffalo newspaper quotes Frank Lloyd Wright who designed a number of fine buildings in that city – “A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines”.

by Ian Keith Anderson

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