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The Use and Misuse of History


This weekend, a three-day symposium at the University of Toronto’s school of architecture will discuss redefining the way cities are conceived. Michael Piper, an Assistant Professor and the organizer of the After Empirical Urbanism symposium, says that “in the 1970s urbanists, inspired by thinkers like Le Corbusier, began overhauling cities in ways they had not been overhauled since Hausmann re-did Paris. The result was much brutalist concrete and housing projects (such as Toronto’s  Regent Park) that have since been deemed disasters both by urbanists and the general public.”

This symposium, which is free and open to the public, has invited people from many different disciplines and practises to discuss how the future of thinking about cities might incorporate all their areas of expertise. This meeting of minds is being held from February 27th to March 1st at 230 College Street in Toronto. Talks and presentations over the three days include “The Use and Misuse of History”, “Fictions of the Ordinary” and “The Bias of Data”.

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