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Pre-Contact Archaeology & History

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“Circles of Interaction: The Wendat and their neighbours in the time of Champlain” was a noteworthy symposium of the Ontario Archaeological Society¬† (OAS) held in Midland last October.¬† Retired professor John Steckley, who lives in Bolton, is our regional Wendat (Huron) language and culture expert.
The symposium was hosted by the Huronia Chapter (Midland) of the OAS, and some 300 attendees included about 50 Quebec Wendat and a similar number of delegates from the Eastern States Archaeological Federation in the USA. It is notable that a small municipality and its heritage committee, the Township of Tay and the Township of Tay Heritage Committee, were involved in and helped to fund this transnational meeting, which focused on the 17th century and earlier time periods from a First Nation’s perspective.
There are over 1000 known aboriginal sites in Simcoe County. Only 200 have been tested but only 20 have so far been fully excavated. On average, two to three new pre-Contact sites are found each year across Southern Ontario.
information from CHO News Spring 2016

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