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Keeping Up-to-date on the Politics of Heritage Preservation

For those of us who care about the politics of built heritage conservation in Southern Ontario, a must-read is the blog Ontario Heritage Act and more edited by Dan Schneider,  a writer and professional heritage consultant living in St Marys. His blog “is about the Ontario Heritage Act and a miscellany of related heritage topics. It is primarily intended as a public resource for understanding the policy behind the Act and assisting with its interpretation and use

Dan’s latest post on the fate of Hamilton’s Gore Park area is a good example of his ability to suss out the key details of the often devious and fraught journey towards preservation that is the fate of so many of our important civic landmarks.

“…a big part of the problem here is our penchant for focusing on parts or pieces, at the expense of the bigger picture — specific heritage elements rather than the entire exterior, exteriors or facades rather than the building as a whole, individual buildings rather than the surviving row of four buildings, the row rather than the King Street streetscape and the Gore as a whole.”


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