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Built in the 1930’s the Creditview Bowstring bridge is one of only two bowstring truss bridges in Brampton and the only one still part of a public roadway.  Along with the bridge in Churchville it is also one of only two one-lane public bridges in Brampton.  It had fallen into disrepair and by 2002 it faced closure.  When it was given an heritage designation in 2003 it got a $700,000 makeover.


Steve Cook is a Greater Toronto Area hiker who has a keen eye for heritage and the ability to source historically appropriate facts. His blog ‘Hiking in the GTA‘ is a great read for those who like, when they get ‘out-and-about’, to keep an eye out for heritage landmarks, and a source of rambling suggestions for the historically curious.

Our thanks to Deborah Boynton-Robillard for highlighting this source

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