Putting Our Local History onto the Web

Online saving of history

As part of its webinar programme the Ontario Historical Society  later this month is running a series of three web-based sessions (March 23rd & 30th and April 6th) on the process to digitize a local history collection. Their aim is to take the mystery out of digitization so we can share our community histories more widely with those who care and have a need to know.

A great deal of local history knowledge is not accessible to those who for professional, family or place-of-residence reasons have an interest. Too often local history memory-keepers are reluctant to part with what they know or possess for fear that others will misuse the information or item, or that they will not get due credit for their effort of preservation.

There is a strong case for using professional archiving help (e.g. www.facebook.com/TreasuredCollections2)  to organize and appreciate private collections of greater than family interest. This is especially true where they may deserve to be in the public domain and available through a regional archive or library.

Just as good a case exists for sharing written and pictorial data that helps a community better understand its past. Today and into the foreseeable future the vehicle for doing so is via the internet in digital form. Local historical societies take note!

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  1. Many thanks for the mention Ian. My area of expertise lies with Cataloguing the provenance of artifacts. Photographs and documents are often included with family histories. Documenting the objects noting who they were connected to is not always a high priority.

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