Our Past Meets Our Present in the Archives

Albion school Mt Wolfe

Albion School Section #10, Mount Wolfe, 1913

pama avatar PAMA holds historical public school records dating from 1833 to 1986 for Peel County and Region.  By looking at changing patterns documented in these records much of interest beyond who went to school where and when may emerge .

An especially topical example is daily attendance registers showing the toll measles could take on a class of children prior to the availability of vaccination programmes.

Measles in school attendance regsiters

Daily attendance register from Peel Public Education Records, McHugh School, February 1953.        For ‘reasons for absence’ detail see: https://peelarchivesblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/pn2015_00652-2000.jpg

Another illustration of the value contained in historic school records surfaced when someone contacted PAMA to find out when his sister had first contracted polio as a child. Her symptoms seemed to be flaring much later in life and her doctor wanted to know the pattern of her disease. Her childhood medical records were long lost but, by checking her school records, PAMA staff were able to find when she was absent from school as her teacher had noted, because of polio.

Taken from Archives@PAMA 'Why EDUCATION RECORDS matter'


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