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Recognition of the Importance of Generational Memory


Charles Ernest Thomas and one of his wartime diaries

Betty Ward is a devoted local historian. Her father Charles Thomas, who survived the First World War, had kept a regular diary during his service. Betty, now in her 80s, spent two years meticulously transcribing the faded ink from the frail, century-old pages, so that each of Charles’ 10 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren could be keepers of his story. In the Autumn issue of the magazine In The Hills, Ken Weber has excerpted those diaries. Also Ken’s Historic Hills column brings local colour to the outbreak of the Great War.

Himself a noted local history-keeper, Ken was recently inducted into the Caledon Walk of Fame:


Caledon Town Crier and Mayor on October 1st at the Trans Canada Trail Pavilion Park in Caledon East announcing Ken Weber as the 2016 Walk of Fame inductee

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