Bolton BIA Confronts Town of Caledon

Bolton BIA logoA Special Meeting of the Downtown Bolton Business Improvement Association, whose “main goal is to work with all local businesses and property owners to promote Bolton as a great place to live, work, dine, shop, explore and discover“, is being held this January 18th. While the Bolton BIA Executive was the home for one of the early advocates for conserving the old village of Bolton as a Heritage Conservation District, a change in leadership personnel has resulted in their becoming its main opponent. Their recent ‘letter to the editor‘ seems to imply that they are considering taking the Town to the OMB despite its Council’s vote 8 to 1 in favour of creating the District.

This meeting has on its agenda ‘Review of Events from 2015, and Proposed Plans for 2016‘, is to be held at the Albion-Bolton Community Centre’s Room D at 7 pm, and is open to the public. However please drop a note to to help them plan for food.


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  1. Recently the OMB reported on its findings. It details the OMB’s ruling on the appeal against the Bolton HCD By-law enactment by a limited group of local small retail business-people that is described in the report as ‘Carberry’ after one of its cheerleaders. The report can be read at:

    Essentially the ruling is in favour of the Town in that the By-Law is confirmed as legal and appropriate. However some buildings that were listed in the category of protection that defines them as contributing to the heritage atmosphere and appeal of the designated District (the old Village) are to be moved to the non-contributing category before the By-Law goes into effect.

  2. It now emerges that half dozen or so Bolton Business Improvement Association members seem to have objected to the Town about the HCD by-law during the appeal period, and if so the OMB must decide whether their arguments have merit and deserve a hearing. Whether there is a hearing or not, this will delay full implementation of the district planning regulations, although planning permission to demolish or make major renovations that go against the spirit of the District Plan will be on hold until the Ontario Municipal Board rules on the appeals.

  3. Bolton HCD By-law is enacted – There is a possibility that one or two recalcitrant BIA members will appeal it to the OMB.

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