We focus here on the joys and sorrows of caring for the visible past and its associated history in a changing but still beautiful landscape of towns, hills and lakes.

We desire to live and work in communities with a firm sense of place. Within our geography are many and varied examples of built structures and landscapes that exemplify those things we most value about our past. We understand that only by preserving and journal the visual evidence of who we once were, can we move forward with confidence into our future.

Our goal is to foster an appreciation of the physical, written and oral evidence of how things were and to reach out to new residents to help them learn what we who make our homes here cherish about that inheritance.  As the Marquess of Lansdowne, Governor-General of Canada from 1883 to 1888, said in an 1887 speech at Old Fort York:

A community is wanting in self-respect which does not take an interest in its own history and seek to preserve those records by which that history can be traced and authenticated.”

We welcome guest comments and posts from third parties with a story to tell about any aspect of the history of our region and its buildings. Contacting us by using the Comment feature on a post where you can add appropriate additional data is the first step towards sharing your special knowledge with an enthusiastic and interested heritage audience.